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100th Day of School 2018-2019 school year!
Old friends! 100th Day Shirts! This pair shines bright on the 100th Day of School! A sweet old lady! Is my hair showing signs of old age? Don't let aging get you's too hard to get back up! 4th grade girls share some fun on the 100th Day of School! 100 100 100 Who said, "4th grade can't celebrate the 100th Day of School?" Ms. Moore's first grade girls have aged gracefully this year! Our arthritis is starting to creep in - must be all of this writing Ms. Moore is assigning! Two is company - three is a crowd - except in old age - the more the merrier! Where does it say we have to ACT our age? Regardless of my age - I am beautiful! Ms. Moore has really done a number on us this year!