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Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

Student Responsibilities:

Need a Recommendation?

  • Make sure that this is a person who knows you well and will only say positive things about you.
  • In a positive manner, ask a faculty member or other qualified adult if they are willing to write a letter of recommendation for you.  Make sure that this is a person who knows you well and will only say positive things about you.
  • Provide this person with a Student Information Worksheet or resume.
  • Fill out the Student Information Worksheet as completely as possible, not all sections may apply to you however.
  • Attach your written statement as described on the Student Information Worksheet.
  • Plan ahead to meet your deadline.  Ask for the letter in person.  Allow the person 10-14 days for the completion of the letter.  DO NOT assume the letter will be completed unless you make personal contact with the individual.
  • You MUST give the writer a self addressed, stamped envelope or provide the appropriate electonic address if the letter is to be submitted electronically.
  • Always write a “Thank You” to the individual who has supported you in this process. These letters are hard work!


Somerset High School

Student Information Worksheet


Student Name _________________________________________________    


E-mail Address ___________________________


Letter Should Be Addressed To: ______________________________________


Future Goals:





Academic Honors or Awards:





Special Interests, Hobbies, Talents:





Clubs or Organizations In School (Please include years participated in HS):





Non-School Activities (Please include years participated):





Athletics (Please include years participated in HS):





Please add any additional information that you would like the writer to know about you and/or the purpose of this letter before writing the recommendation.














Somerset High School

Writer’s Information Form


In order to assist you in writing a meaningful and complete letter of recommendation, the student has been asked to provide you with the following:

A complete Student Information Worksheet and attached personal statement.

A Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope

If you did not receive both, please wait until you have a complete packet before writing for the student.

The following is a list of criteria you may wish to consider in your evaluation:

  • Academic ability and focus

  • Motivation of self and others

  • Reaction to criticism

  • Emotional Stability

  • Cooperation with others

  • Leadership Qualities


You may also wish to include:

  • Examples or anecdotes to illustrate characteristics or special abilities of the student

    A comment about the accuracy of your first reaction to the student.Do you still feel the same way?Why?

  • Input you have received from other members of the faculty or staff.

  • Comparisons with previous candidates to the same school.

  • Your telephone number for further information if needed.

  • If you have letterhead paper, please use that for the final copy.

    It may be helpful to keep a copy of the final letter in case another letter is needed.  Some students may request multiple copies, please try to print and sign these separately as originals.