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Work Ethic Seal Criteria Checklist

  Work Ethic Seal Criteria Checklist

Qualifying students must meet ALL the following standards


1.  Attendance Percentage - Student has missed less than 3 days during the school year- excused or unexcused=98% attendance


2. Tardies and Early Dismissals - Students has no more than 4 tardies during the school year - excused or unexcused


3. Overall Grade Point Average (Cumulative GPA)  - Student has a minimum of 2.5 GPA with NO failures (failures based on current year)


4. Discipline - Student has no more than on disciplinary referral during the school year


5. Community Service/School Involvement/Employment


        Must qualify in at least two different categories


  • Organized team sport (intramural, JV, varsity)
  • Extracurricular programs (band, chorus, clubs)
  • Part-time employment of 10 hours/week for 4 consecutive months during the school year OR a minimum of 20 hours/week during the summer months
  • Verifiable Community Service Project (must provide documentation)


6.  Must submit a resume and completed application along with any necessary documentation by March 25, 2016