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The Reindeer Whisperer
Mr. Holmes & Mrs. Tarter! group shot Nevaeh smiling! Awesome group Have yoursELF a merry little Christmas! Lillie & Braelyn pose for a picture! Emery smiles for the camera! Piper loving it! fun! Reindeer with Santa & the Reindeer Whisperer! Backstage fun with Kaden, Brayson, and Hunter! sweet reindeer! Adyson, Leah, and Madlyn having fun prior to the play! Teresa Tinsel  - Laila Lynde Mrs. Prather sporting her amazing holiday sweater! Elfing Around! boys-boys-boys Peyton ready for the play! Ho Ho Ho Rogelio! pretty Elfing around before the play! some serious guys-come on crack that smile! fun Mr. Reynolds & Mrs. Thompson eager to watch the play! guitar showdown fun times wow action Reindeer Whisperer everybody now Two? elf fever and... I think that I saw a candy can duo! precious festive She played! Mr. & Mrs. Claus directing please Going to California? reindeer cuteness into it Fantastic costume We are doing so well! Layleigh loving the red & green! sweet focused Holiday Season Hunter is all smiles backstage! adorable all of us